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To the people that read my blog and enjoyed it, I am sorry. Being a teenager is beginning to weigh down on me. Along with rumors, drama, and “beefs”, I have been struggling with laziness. I began my journey with word press excited as a kid with candy back in January. Saying how every Sunday I was going to entertain my “fans” with life lessons I have learned, and posts you all could relate to. Truth is, I  don’t do well with commitment sometimes . (SCRATCH THAT) I never do well with commitment. So long story short.. I’m here to make a deal with you. Instead of saying that every Sunday I will have something to WOW you all with, when something interesting happens, I will jump on my computer, and make the best post I can. I’m also here to ask a favor. If I do a good post, like it! It encourages me to see which posts are the most popular. I wouldn’t mind a comment every here and there also ;). 

Post #7

Do you like taking selfies? Well, if your having trouble taking “good ones”, just consider this: Is your lighting good?

if you have light skin, try not to take pictures with a lot of light. If your outside or in the sunlight, Try taking it with the sun to your left or right. It being behind you will take away from your face. It being in front will make you blend in with the sun. And also take away from your face.

If you have a darker skin color, take it with the sun to your face. Make sure you wait a few seconds for your camera to adjust to the light. and snap it :D! It will make your face look brighter. Not that you guys need to take beautiful pictures. All pics are beautiful and unique. So snap it anyway you need to make your pic stand out from all the rest! 

Be safe and have fun!

I’ll see you guys here next Sunday @ 7:00 pm for a new blog. Keep bloggin’!!

Post #6

Well as you guys know, Valentines Day was this past Friday. Did you have a Valentine? If you did that’s good. If you didn’t this is for you. The struggle of not having a Valentine is all overated. It’s cool to have one, but if you didn’t it’s not a big deal. Spending money on chocolates doesn’t really show the love you have for someone. Well in someways it it can, but not all.

I think being surrounded by family who can give you chocolates is cooler(:! Plus you can scarf it all down without having to be looked at funny. Lol. And if you didn’t get anything that’s ok. Saving money to treat yourself is even better. 😀

That’s it for tonight you guys! I’ll meet you back here at 7:00 pm next Sunday for my next blog. Keep bloggin’!!

Post #5


ImageHey guys! Glad to see you’re back here for another post of mine. This is my 5th week of posting for Fruit Salad for the Mind! I want to thank you all for reading and enjoying my posts. I love having your support. Today we’re going to talk about:

Volunteering. Some people find it boring, some find it meaningful. I’m a little bit of both. After an hour i’m just like “mom, can we go home now? -__-”  But don’t get me wrong, I love doing it! As a matter of fact, yesterday I packed boxes of food for homeless people. It’s important to volunteer anywhere. Not to mention they have volunteer jobs almost anywhere!

It’s important to give back to the community because of all the things it does for you! I haven’t tried it yet, but I think volunteering for the SPCA ( a cat and dog organization) sounds really cool and fun! Plus, they give out community service hours for you’re school.  Which looks good on college applications. So next time you’re bored on a Saturday, look up volunteer opportunities in your area. It feels good to make a difference. 😀

Well guys, that’s it for tonight! I’m glad you joined me this evening for our 5th post. I’ll see guys here next week @ 7:00 pm next Sunday! Keep bloggin’!

Post #4

Are your friends really your friends?

I’ve always gone by this quote when thinking of my friends. “They want to see you do good, but never better than them.” A good friend would sit by you and cheer you on while knowing that it’s better than what’s happening to them. When you tell your friends good news do they get excited for you? Is their reaction happy but not happy? See people can be very mean sometimes. 

If a friend comes to you saying that someone told them some mean stuff about you, the question isn’t what did they say.. The question is what makes them so comfortable coming to you saying mean stuff. In my opinion it’s better to not have a lot of friends. And never be comfortable enough to tell someone your deepest secrets. Because 9 times out of 10, the moment you make them mad, those secrets will be told quickly out of spite. And if you had a very good friend and you guys don’t talk, the best thing to do is let it blow over and give it a few months. Then go back to them and discuss what happened. Sometimes this actually works! The space brought you guys closer!

That’s it for tonight guys! I’ll see you back here at 7:00 pm next Sunday(: Keep bloggin’!!

Post #3

Are you being pressured into dressing with the best clothes and shoes? Let me first tell you it isn’t important at all. I personally have been tricked into this lie people tell about wearing expensive clothing. For example, Air Jordan Shoes. They’re a top shoe people wear to look impressive and fashionable. Imagine if the Jordan logo was removed from the shoe. They look less cool right? I’ve seen people wear Gucci belts that cost 100-200 dollars. Imagine if the G was taken off that belt. You see belts like that in Burlington! For 10 bucks!

Oh and let’s not forget the True Religion Jeans. The only thing that makes those jeans $300 is the logo. If you’re being bullied for not wearing popular clothing you need to speak to your assistant principal. Because someone needs to inform these people that it is not a big deal. Some people just need a reality check if they’re bullying people for that. Nevertheless, bullying at all! So let’s all not ask our parents for the things that aren’t important. Because there are new phones and appliances coming out left and right, and those last longer than clothes(:

I’ll see you guys here at 7:00 pm next Sunday for a new topic! Keep bloggin’!!

Post #2

Sex. Yup we all hear about it. Some do it, some don’t. And if your a teenager, my advice is don’t. But if you already have it’s all good. Just don’t jump into it with a lot of people. Because the last thing you need is a rep. Personally, I haven’t yet. I’m 15. If your like me (you’ve waited) keep reading. If you haven’t skip to the third paragraph.

Now those who have waited. I first want to say keep waiting. I would say till marriage. Because your first time will be amazing! And then, you don’t have to worry about them bragging to their friends. You also don’t have to worry about them ignoring you after. If you’re scared to do it that’s okay! Wait until you feel you’re ready.

If you haven’t waited that’s also okay. I just want you to be super careful about who you .. “do it” with. I’m not going to mom you about it, but I want you to be safe. Make sure you’re always using protection, and you’re not being forced to do it. If you’re being forced, you need to tell a trusted adult. I’m sure it seems like sex isn’t a big deal, it really isn’t. But just be safe about the diseases out here.

All in all, it is your choice and I can’t really tell you what to do. But I can tell you just to be safe and enjoy being a teenager. Cause it won’t be forever (: .  I’ll see you back here next Sunday at 7:00 pm for a new topic! Keep bloggin’!! 

FSFTM – intro

Hi readers! This blog is for For Fruit Salad for the Mind. I will be posting every Sunday at 7:00 p.m. As teenagers, I personally understand the hardships we go through. Whether it’s with parents, teachers, friends. Oh, and with those special friends some of us have.(: So on this blog, I will be discussing the ups and downs of being a teenager. This is going to be a fun thing that you should all be interested in reading every Sunday. I can’t wait to build my relationship with you all as we continue to grow as bloggers and/or readers. So stay tuned till next week. You won’t regret it.