Sex. Yup we all hear about it. Some do it, some don’t. And if your a teenager, my advice is don’t. But if you already have it’s all good. Just don’t jump into it with a lot of people. Because the last thing you need is a rep. Personally, I haven’t yet. I’m 15. If your like me (you’ve waited) keep reading. If you haven’t skip to the third paragraph.

Now those who have waited. I first want to say keep waiting. I would say till marriage. Because your first time will be amazing! And then, you don’t have to worry about them bragging to their friends. You also don’t have to worry about them ignoring you after. If you’re scared to do it that’s okay! Wait until you feel you’re ready.

If you haven’t waited that’s also okay. I just want you to be super careful about who you .. “do it” with. I’m not going to mom you about it, but I want you to be safe. Make sure you’re always using protection, and you’re not being forced to do it. If you’re being forced, you need to tell a trusted adult. I’m sure it seems like sex isn’t a big deal, it really isn’t. But just be safe about the diseases out here.

All in all, it is your choice and I can’t really tell you what to do. But I can tell you just to be safe and enjoy being a teenager. Cause it won’t be forever (: .  I’ll see you back here next Sunday at 7:00 pm for a new topic! Keep bloggin’!!