Are you being pressured into dressing with the best clothes and shoes? Let me first tell you it isn’t important at all. I personally have been tricked into this lie people tell about wearing expensive clothing. For example, Air Jordan Shoes. They’re a top shoe people wear to look impressive and fashionable. Imagine if the Jordan logo was removed from the shoe. They look less cool right? I’ve seen people wear Gucci belts that cost 100-200 dollars. Imagine if the G was taken off that belt. You see belts like that in Burlington! For 10 bucks!

Oh and let’s not forget the True Religion Jeans. The only thing that makes those jeans $300 is the logo. If you’re being bullied for not wearing popular clothing you need to speak to your assistant principal. Because someone needs to inform these people that it is not a big deal. Some people just need a reality check if they’re bullying people for that. Nevertheless, bullying at all! So let’s all not ask our parents for the things that aren’t important. Because there are new phones and appliances coming out left and right, and those last longer than clothes(:

I’ll see you guys here at 7:00 pm next Sunday for a new topic! Keep bloggin’!!