Do you like taking selfies? Well, if your having trouble taking “good ones”, just consider this: Is your lighting good?

if you have light skin, try not to take pictures with a lot of light. If your outside or in the sunlight, Try taking it with the sun to your left or right. It being behind you will take away from your face. It being in front will make you blend in with the sun. And also take away from your face.

If you have a darker skin color, take it with the sun to your face. Make sure you wait a few seconds for your camera to adjust to the light. and snap it :D! It will make your face look brighter. Not that you guys need to take beautiful pictures. All pics are beautiful and unique. So snap it anyway you need to make your pic stand out from all the rest! 

Be safe and have fun!

I’ll see you guys here next Sunday @ 7:00 pm for a new blog. Keep bloggin’!!