To the people that read my blog and enjoyed it, I am sorry. Being a teenager is beginning to weigh down on me. Along with rumors, drama, and “beefs”, I have been struggling with laziness. I began my journey with word press excited as a kid with candy back in January. Saying how every Sunday I was going to entertain my “fans” with life lessons I have learned, and posts you all could relate to. Truth is, I  don’t do well with commitment sometimes . (SCRATCH THAT) I never do well with commitment. So long story short.. I’m here to make a deal with you. Instead of saying that every Sunday I will have something to WOW you all with, when something interesting happens, I will jump on my computer, and make the best post I can. I’m also here to ask a favor. If I do a good post, like it! It encourages me to see which posts are the most popular. I wouldn’t mind a comment every here and there also ;).